The BladderScan®

BladderScanThe BladderScan® is your ideal solution for determining noninvasive, customized care plans, ultimately helping to save you money by decreasing the risk of fall injuries, pressure ulcers and UTI development. With the help of The BladderScan®, your staff can easily assess and manage urinary incontinence, minimizing the need for catheterization – all to help you comply with F-Tag 315. There are four BladderScan® models available. Your account manager will be able to guide you to which model suits your needs.

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Free Guide to F-Tag 315 & The BladderScan®!We've put together a complete copy of the revised F-Tag, plus helpful compliance tips and definitions from long term care experts to help you maintain your compliance and improve your residents' quality of life.

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BladderScan® Comparison Chart
  BVI 9400 (#16742) BVI 3000 (#75125) BVI 6100 (#75126) BVI 6400 (#75127)
Cart-based w/locking wheel Cart-based Handheld Handheld
NeuralHarmonics VMode VMode VMode
Color Black and white Black and white Black and white
Yes Yes No No
Yes No No Yes
Yes No No No


The BladderScan®:
How it works
The BladderScan® measures reflections in the body to differentiate the bladder from surrounding tissues, and create 3-D images of the bladder. It then automatically calculates and displays bladder volume on an easy-to-read LCD screen. It requires only minimal training to use, and can immediately become an effective tool in managing incontinence.
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